As a boutique firm, ESG has the flexibility to be agile in our offering and cater directly to the needs of our clients. Our most popular offering is a retainer-based engagement in which we are hired by the leadership team to answer questions, navigate the hurdles of cannabis, vet suppliers, and build efficient programs.

Prelicense Guidance

Our guidance is targeted to entities looking to enter the regulated cannabis space. Our goal is to help you understanding the current marketplace—from regulations in emerging states to retail buying decisions. We work closely with our partners to guide you through the daunting process, ranging from building a strategy to choosing real estate.

  • Application writing
  • Business plan development
  • Market assessment
  • Investment deck preparation
  • Human resources and recruiting services

Investment Analysis

In 2017, there has been a tremendous amount of buzz about investment opportunities. ESG has the connections to bring deal flow to investors who want to explore the industry for the first time. We have intimate knowledge of opportunities in both “plant touching” and “tertiary” endeavors. We work to demystify many of the idiosyncrasies of regulated cannabis to help funders and fund seekers connect.

  • Funding resources
  • Business analysis
  • Industry navigation
  • Partnership resources
  • Emerging state strategies
  • Valuations and investor deck support

Turnkey design and build-out

ESG got its start by creating one of the most efficient and technologically advanced grows in North America. We have the ability to create cultivation and production facilities that maximize the facility footprint to produce the lowest cost of goods possible. Our design philosophy takes the grow strategy, state regulations, business model, and market conditions into consideration. We take pride in leveraging as much new—but proven—technology as possible to achieve our clients’ business goals.

  • Real estate assessment
  • Arch, design and development
  • Cultivation-facility equipment sourcing and outfitting
  • Extraction and lab equipment sourcing
  • Operational efficiency and workflow
  • Dispensary design, sourcing, and outfitting
  • Manufacturing marijuana infused products (MIPs) operations
  • SOP development
  • HR solutions, software, training, and handbook development
  • Regulatory compliance, inspections, and audits
  • Drying, curing, and packaging concepts and design
  • Genetics: Strain, seed, and strain program development

Market Insight

Regulated cannabis has been one of the most difficult industries in the world to establish a unique identity. With limitations on social media, traditional advertising, and sales channel functions, it becomes critical to build a brand. That brand equity does not come from a pot leaf logo and stereotypical images. Winning brands need to elevate the conversation and position themselves as thought leaders and professional entities. We can help.

  • Branding and marketing
  • Sales strategy development
  • Wholesale and retail commerce initiatives
  • MIPs, edibles, and non flower product development
  • Packaging innovation
  • Co Branding, white labeling, and emerging-market strategies for existing brands